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You can depend on HRS.

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Industry leader & your industry expert

Health Resource Services (HRS) is a national, provider-owned group purchasing organization (GPO). In the early 1980s, our organization was founded by award-winning IDS, Virginia Mason Health System. Since then, our business has grown to support providers across the country.

Affordable and effective access is a vital part of our strategy, for our members and their communities. In alignment with Virginia Mason’s mission, HRS is always striving to deserve and maintain our position as a leader in the industry. We transform health care by helping providers deliver a better patient experience. This is why we build partnerships and networks that allow us the leverage and capacity to offer our members more.

Reduce and Manage total spend

Our representatives and spend experts will work with you to make strategic purchasing decisions that cut waste and save you money.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Your HRS representative will help evaluate your processes and performance in order to eliminate inefficiencies and improve outcomes so you can realize your full potential.

Get the Insight you need to succeed

Peer-to-peer networks and expert insights allow you the foresight you need to plan and stay prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

"Our biggest benefit is our customer support team. Our representatives and specialists are in the field with our members every day. We believe they and their communities need and deserve advocates who show up for them. And that’s what we do.” — Mark Creed, HRS, Sr. Director

A Powerful Partnership

Premier Certified Sponsor

HRS has joined forces with Premier in order to best serve our members. A longtime leader in healthcare improvement, Premier helps our members improve quality outcomes while safely reducing costs. Their contract managers and industry experts collaborate with HRS to develop specialist-guided solutions, negotiate competitive contracts, and keep members apprised of important industry trends and information.

HRS and Premier’s combined leverage, powerful member network, and innovative services and technologies provide our members, both large and small, with greater access to critical resources and increased savings.

Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer a robust core of member services and membership is always free.

Our knowledgeable staff of specialists and consultants are our greatest asset. They are your competitive advantage.

Always growing and evolving to best serve you

Making the numbers work for the health of our communities and the health of your bottom line.

Over 200,000 members strong

As a Premier Certified Sponsor we form a powerful network of providers over 200K strong. We leverage our numbers to offer you more.

Over 2700 contracts

With access to hundreds of vendors our members enjoy reduced pricing on quality services and supplies.

Three decades in business

We are experts. We know what it takes to provide value-based care and how to help you achieve it.

Over 200 field staff and specialists

Get the onsite expert training and support you need. From benchmarking and planning to implementation and tracking.

Whatever your purchasing, spend management or supply chain issues, we’re here to help.