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We stay focused on you so you can stay focused on providing excellent care

Many of today’s providers are struggling with how to run their organizations profitably while providing quality care. In an environment of fast-changing regulations, high costs, out-dated technology, and strained resources, it’s good to know HRS has your back.

Not only do we help our members save on products, we go the extra mile to be the business partner our members need to meet the demands of a value-based approach to care while improving the overall health of their bottom lines.

Why HRS? We are the full-service business partner and competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

More reasons to choose HRS

We go above and beyond to help you meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our members come first.

As a provider-owned business, HRS is wholly aligned with and guided by our discerning members. We are inspired by exceptional, quality care, not by shareholder profits. Simply put, we exist to help you succeed.

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Our members tell us what they need.

As a member-driven organization, we rely on your insights and participation. Our member-focused, results-oriented representatives work closely with our members, both individually and through our councils, to get them what they need to operate more profitably and successfully.

We offer unrivaled support.

When you join HRS, you’ll be assigned a representative who will help you start saving right away. If needed, your rep will schedule an initial and periodic on-site visit to ensure that you get the full benefit of your HRS membership. We’re here to serve you.

Signing up is easy and free.

Register online in less than 5 minutes. After sign up, your representative will evaluate your spend and identify opportunities to help you save and improve your operations. Get started to take advantage of our discount product pricing and many core membership benefits for free.

Membership is risk-free.

Not sure you’re ready to commit? Your HRS membership is obligation-free. Even if you are currently working with another GPO, your representative will work with you to access contract savings and will show you all of the the ways HRS can help you thrive. And when you’re ready to make the switch, we’ll help with that too!

We offer specialized expert support.

Our expert consultants and specialists are available for a full range of purchasing, supply chain, spend management and operational challenges. From assessment and planning to implementation, choose HRS for the comprehensive support and customized guidance you deserve.

We offer custom solutions.

In partnership with Premier, HRS offers our members a full suite of spend management and supply chain solutions. Our passionate team of problem solvers get to know your company and the issues you’re facing, so they can design a strategy that gets you the measurable results you need.

We keep you ahead of the curve.

Stay ready for what’s to come with our proactive support team and peer networks. Keep on top of trends and best practices and stay ahead of the competition.

We keep you connected.

Our Peer-to-peer councils and myriad networking opportunities allow for information sharing and cultivation of the relationships that enlighten and empower your business. Together we can do more and do better.

We help you build value.

HRS helps members reduce costs, not quality. Through a winning combination of group purchasing, expert consulting, supply chain and spend management solutions as well as peer-to-peer networking and information sharing we help our members drive revenues and results.

We help your employees save.

Through our Employee Discount program your employees and their families can receive deep discounts on computers and electronics, vacation purchases, clothing and more.

We help you save from top to bottom.

HRS will help you eliminate waste and inefficiencies across your organization that place unnecessary strain on your precious resources. By finding the many unexplored opportunities for savings, we allow our members to realize their full potential.

Learn more about what we do and the many ways we help you save.

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We are constantly evolving and continually improving to better serve you.

As the demands on our members grow, HRS expands its strategic network, member offerings, and business capabilities. Our big-picture approach allows our members to stay focused on the day-to-day operations that create a better patient experience.

We are excited to announce our recent acquisition of Shared Purchasing Solutions, a Wisconsin GPO. This expansion provides HRS with greater reach, leverage, and buying power to better serve health providers across the country.

Lower costs, not quality

Get reduced pricing on quality products and services from our reputable supplier partners.